BIFF - Women of the White Buffalo & Workshops

March 17th, 2023 @ 2:00pm EST

BIFF - Women of the White Buffalo & Workshops
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FRIDAY MATINEE                                                                                                       2:00p.m.

FILM: Women of The White Buffalo

With Director Deborah Anderson




Sanna Allsopp UK/Barbados

Film Director Producer & Anthropologist


Deborah Anderson USA

Musician Photographer & Film Director


Marissa Lestrade, UK



Andi Oliver UK

Chef Broadcaster & Food Writer


Melaine Stoneman, USA

(Wakinyan Ska Wi—white lightning women) Environmental Earth Warrior


WRITERS’ WORKSHOP                                                                                               5:15p.m.

How to Create Commercial Scripts For the Screen

with Marissa Lestrade


With Foreward by Ian McNeel


The entire evening $30

About the Film Directed by Deborah Anderson, the film captures the story of a matriarchal society upended by centuries of genocide and colonialism has disenfranchised the Lakota women and simultaneously reinforced their roles as the backbones of their communities and the keepers of their people's ancient wisdom. These are the powerfully rich stories of the brave women and children living in one of the poorest places in the United States.
With exclusive access to these women’s lives over a period of three months, we recorded their stories as they re-lived some of their most traumatic experiences and let us into their daily life experiences. Along this journey, we learnt how it all came to be and heard their hopes for a brighter future. The results are honest, heart-breaking, beautiful and indispensably pertinent to understanding the world in which we live in today.

Workshop The Powerful Journey From Short Film to Feature with Stefon Bristol What do Whiplash, Nanny, and See You Yesterday have in common? All three films were once shorts before being reimagined and expanded into feature-length films. One of the best ways to get your first feature film off the ground is to write and direct a short film. Many independent filmmakers have used their short as a proof-of-concept and learning opportunity for a feature-length project. But how do you make that happen? What should you consider creatively? How do you leverage the success of your short to find opportunities for financing? In this workshop, award winning filmmaker, Stefon Bristol will guide you through his powerful journey from his short, NYU-Thesis film to his first feature debut on Netflix.  Pay attention, because your own journey awaits. And it’s only a short film away.

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Opposite Courts Barbados
Queen Street
, Speightstown, Barbados
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March 17th, 2023 @ 2:00pm EST
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