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BajanFusion Events

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Welcome to Bajan Fusion, a Fitness Lifestyle Event Management Service designed to fuse Barbadian fitness, music and sports on the world stage. We are in the business of creating experiences and helping people get fit for life through engaging activities that fuse entertainment, education and excitement! 

Bajan Fusion offers a variety of fitness and wellness events to enlighten communities to TAKE CHARGE of their lives, STAND TALL in the face of adversity and GET MOVING towards a longer, safer, happier, healthier, active and progressive lifestyle!

BFF Calendar of Events
Every month the BFF Family is invited to an activity (mountain biking, hiking, caving, paintball, paddle boarding, golfing, horseback riding etc.) 
You can sign up as an individual of a group and come out and enjoy a morning or afternoon of activity!
This bundle includes:
• Individual and team building activities
• Fitness Parties/Marathons
• Lifestyle Workshops/Fitness & Mindset Challenges
• Treats and Food for Healthy Living
• Clothing and Gear for fitness enthusiasts
Are you ready to try something new and do something different?
Join us at an event and become a BFF, an enthusiastic and committed member of our Bajan Fusion Family!

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Saddle Up                                                                                              Caving Cravers 

Saturday, June 22nd                                                                              Saturday, June 29th



Caving Cravers - Day 2                                                                         Water You Waitin For 

Saturday, June 30th                                                                                 Saturday, July 7th 



Dude Where's My Paddle                                                                   Bicycle Boogie

Saturday, July 13th                                                                             Sunday, August 25th



Clash of the Industries                                                                           Hikers Paradise 

Sunday, Oct 20th                                                                                    Sunday, Nov 17th