May 18th, 2019 @ 10:00am EST
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Culture Yard

Ocean Echo Stables
Newcastle, St. John, Barbados
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Culture Yard

Ocean Echo Stables
Newcastle, St. John, Barbados
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FAME team invites you to an event where you can relax and enjoy a gathering using all your senses. FAME stands for FOOD, ART, MUSIC and ENVIRONMENT, the main topics of our event. Savour healthy, fresh and local food and drinks with respect for the environment. Participate in art workshops, enjoy spots activities and art displayed alongside joyful music performances. The line up joins Caribbean with International known acts as Lee Scratch Perry, godfather of this first edition. Enjoy both the inner and outer environment, with time slots where yoga sessions, lectures on nature and health practitioners doing mini consults (massages...) will happen!

Open to all   -  FREE for children under 14.
FOOD is an essential part of everyone’s lives. It gives us the energy and nutrients to grow and develop, in a way to be healthy and active, but also to move, work, play, think and learn… The world produces enough food for everyone but the spread is not fair. Yet every 5 seconds a child dies of hunger or malnutrition and over 800 million people still go to bed hungry. This is why FAME Team is standing for a conscious alimentation. All food specialist & stands will have to provide local, fresh and quality products.

ART is infinitely adaptable, and necessary to each culture. Art is something that reveals the hidden truth. Art is something that is the essential part of human life, it plays an immense role in our society. In each one’s life we need new innovative ideas, we need some creative ways to express our feelings, to approach others with understanding feelings. This is why FAME Team is welcoming Bajan local artistes to come and show their arts and crafts to a mix public made of locals and foreigners. Promoting Bajan culture, educating children to different way to express their feelings, point of view. Art is a storyteller.

MUSIC is in everything around us, nature, movement… we are surrounded by sounds and we live with them in harmony. Music is the expression of the soul and it brings people together, to enjoy moments as Festivals. FAME Team is aware that music is the best way to gather people and stir up emotions as joy, excitement... This is why we selected many talented artistes to perform at our festival, headliners joining forces to local artistes in a way to promote Bajan music. We want to push Bajan culture and its artistes and create an atmosphere where local artists get a podium next to international names. Fame Festival line up is eclectic passing from gospel, to reggae, to soca without forgetting some sunny house music. Open to all kind of music lovers

ENVIRONMENT is an important issue, we have to start living sustainably, it’s our new challenge with great opportunities for all. We are responsible for the future of our children and we have to learn to fully protect our environment. Humanity's entire life support system depends on the well-being of all the species living on earth (plants, animals…). This is why FAME Team dedicated one of its topic to environment, and to its protection. Some conferences will take place in the morning & during the day, and some videos will be projected on the stages during the intermissions in a way to educate and give opportunities to the people, children coming to have more ideas to how live life better through the conscious of their own sensibilities and the world around.

Our philosophy : Protect your environment to better yourself !

No allowed to bring food & drinks inside.  
Lee Scratch Perry (JA) 
Mad Professor (UK) 
Dennis Bovell from Matumbi (BB) 
Macky Banton (UK)
Red Star Lion (BB)
Tabhita (BB) 
Angela Patrice (BB) 
Sista Mary (UK) 
Dub Conductor (UK)
Tuff  (BB) 
Ayito (FR)
DB Step (BB)
Day Dream (JA)
Albert & the Culture Yard house band (BB) 

Children & Family activities & workshops: - Pottery - Painting - Horse Riding - Dance - Yoga - Meditation - massage - Initiation to breathing exercises - Traditional Chinese Medicine discovery : acupuncture / coping / taiji ...

Art & Crafts: - Exhibitions // Local culture awareness - Art & Crafts sells


Environment: Speeches in the morning & during the day some videos projected on the main stages during the intermissions. 

+ Conferences : - Kenneth Brown on Medicinal Alternatives - Lucy Legacy on Saving the Ocean - Dr.Che on Traditional Chinese Medicine